Bocas del Toro Flights – How To Get to the Middle of Nowhere

bocas del toro bocas villas air panama flight

One of the basic reasons that I came to Bocas del Toro and made the decision to begin development is the proximity to the US.  There are short,  cheap flights from many major cities throughout the US and Canada, as well as Europe.  I just took a direct flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Madrid late last year.  Check for flights into either San Jose, Costa Rica or Panama City; Panama City is easier, but there is sometimes a significant price difference.

The local airport has expanded to receive direct international flights sometime in the future.  Copa Airlines is talking about this and the plan is to get direct flights to Bocas from Miami, New York, Los Angeles and wherever the hell else will send a flight to a cow pasture.

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Bocas del Toro – Eating Here Can Be Delicious and Traumatic

bocas del toro bocas villas goat dinner

As a big food lover one of the things I have had a problem with living in Bocas del Toro is the inability to get a variety of different foods and flavors. I can’t get crispy duck in thai curry takeout or pork slouvaki. This is a place though where if you accidentally stick an indigenous twig in the ground you get a fruit tree. Vegetation and high nutrient vegetables grow with no effort. Fruit’s great, but I prefer pork, and chicken and goat, duck. There is nothing easier here then to raise a pig or any other domestic animal with the cheap feed available.

My full-time and reliable employee Garibaldo Brown is an indigenous member of the autonomous Ngobe Bugle tribe in Panama. The common thing for them is for the family to stay on the finca in the autonomous state and for the men to leave to find work. They grow gname, gnampi, daichin, plantains and bananas for all their carbs and starch with very little effort, Brown goes back a couple times a year to take care of the farm. Men out of work and the young children catch small fish daily for protein. Continue reading